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The Management of the BMICH refutes the false claims presently circulating on social media that we are eradicating stray dogs roaming on our premises, by poisoning and killing them. These claims are completely untrue. We give below the true facts.
➢ Large numbers of stray dogs find their way into the BMICH premises and cause many problems to our customers, visitors and staff. Our customers were attacked by these dogs on 4 or 5 occasions.
➢ These dogs attacked a staff member about 2 months ago who had to be administered rabies injections and medical care.
➢ We have received numerous complaints by parents of students who attend various classes held in our buildings. They state that they feel extremely unsafe with the large packs of stray dogs on our premises.
➢ Before the dogs began to attack our customers and staff, we undertook a joint programme with EMBARK to vaccinate and sterilize the dogs found in our compound, as well as take away the puppies.
This was carried out as we did not wish to drive out the stray dogs and thought that we could allow them to remain on our premises, while making it safe for our customers
However, an increasing number of dogs began to appear on our premises. Under these circumstances we had no other choice but to have them relocated out of the BMICH premises.
We are aware that this smear campaign is being carried out by a few persons, who go around Colombo feeding stray dogs, who have barged into the BMICH premises, many times, purportedly to feed the stray dogs. The BMICH Police Unit informed them that they had entered in an unauthorized manner without permission were trespassing on our premises and we’re not adhering to health regulations such as wearing masks. They were warned and sent away.
These persons have clearly used photos taken elsewhere, for their lying and irresponsible smear campaign
The BMICH follows strict regulations during the pandemic, including not permitting any unauthorized persons to enter our premises.
However, we inform those who forcibly enter our premises to feed the stray dogs therein, if they are true dog-lovers, to take away these dogs for adoption, in the same way that EMBARK has been doing, to the best of their ability.
While appreciating the importance of animal life and protecting them, the main responsibility of our Management is the safety and security of our customers and staff.
The BMICH is an iconic landmark of Sri Lanka and as the Management of this esteemed institution it is our responsibility to ensure the safety, security and satisfaction of all who enter our premises.
We strongly request the persons carrying out this smear campaign to be more responsible and civic conscious, not only towards stray dogs but also to our citizens.
Sunil Dissanayake

As we continue to upgrade our services, BMICH ties with Perfect Business Solution Services (Pvt) Ltd for implementation of a ERP software.

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BMICH Events

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Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Press Releases

BMICH and MillionSpaces management teams at the signing ceremony with Sunil Dissanayake CEO BMICH and Janaka Kumarasinghe COO MillionSpaces

Positioned as Sri Lanka’s pioneering and only platform offering on-demand venue solutions, MillionSpaces recently signed a strategic partnership with the BMICH to enable users to book spaces such as function rooms, conference halls, meeting rooms, photoshoot locations and office spaces at BMICH with a tap of a button on the MillionSpaces website. The partnership was formalised on 1st July 2021 between Sunil Dissanayake – Director/CEO of BMICH and Janaka Kumarasinghe – COO of MillionSpaces.


“It is an honour to be able to list such an iconic location like BMICH on our platform. We are sure many great things will come out of this partnership,” mentioned Janaka Kumarasinghe – COO of MillionSpaces, commenting on the partnership. Sunil Dissanayake – CEO of BMICH also said: “With the evolution into online event space booking, this partnership with MillionSpaces is one which is very timely. We are excited about the global opportunities for BMICH and Sri Lanka.”


Booking platform for private offices, individual workspaces, boardrooms, meeting spaces, photoshoot venues and many others. This latest partnership is another testament to the way the company is working on continuously enhancing its offerings to encompass variety, quality and reach while focusing on spearheading the space solutions domain in Sri Lanka through technology, innovation and customer-centricity. Visit and