BMICH Staff Presents Christmas Carols

Thu, 12 Jan 2023 Press Releases

BMICH staff choir presenting Christmas carols

  • BMICH staff presented Christmas Carols on 22 and 24 December 2022
  • Hosted at the BMICH Exposition Centre
  • The choir represented multi-religious denominations.

BMICH, an iconic landmark venue on the island, blended its voice with the sonorous Christmas carols that echoed from all corners of the country, during the recently passed Christmas Season. “A Night of Carols,” which was organised by the BMICH staff, was unveiled at the BMICH Exposition Centre on 22 and 24, December 2022, coinciding with the Singer Christmas Shopping Fiesta.

In fact, it is noteworthy that the choir compromised 30 members of the BMICH staff representing multi-religious denominations, volunteered with enthusiasm to make this event a success. The choir was able to catch the spirit of the season in their fine melody and thus attracted a large audience from among the visitors at the Colombo Shopping Fiesta.

The carols were played for around an hour, filling the ambience with the cheer and sparkle of the Christmas season adding vibrancy to the already vivid BMICH environ. The chief organiser of the event Head of Human Resource Management, Nilmala Angulugaha extended her sincere thanks to every stakeholder who took part in making the event a success. “On behalf of the BMICH, I am pleased to acknowledge our sincere gratitude to all those who immensely contributed to bring this event into being. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead!” she added.