Fire Prevention & Safety Management

At BMICH, we are truly committed towards the safety and well-being of our staff, service providers and guests whilst also bearing the responsibility of safeguarding the assets and interests of our stakeholders.

The Management at BMICH have placed special emphasis on managing the risks of fire.
Necessary steps have been implemented at various stages to ensure safety always. Key measures include:

➢ Conducting regular quality checks on fire appliances at every block
➢ Creating awareness and educating staff and members of BMICH on ‘Fire and Safety”
➢ Focusing on fire prevention methods at all levels
➢ Setting up of comprehensive fire safety parameters for all public events
➢ Conducting frequent trainings for the staff involved in Fire safety.
➢ Executing fire crisis reaction reproductions
➢ In-house fire truck bolster on 24/7 basis

Whilst combining all the internal strengths, knowledge and expertise, BMICH also join hands with competent external professionals for guidance and added security enforcements. Fire safety is considered as one of our primary safety measures which makes BMICH one of the most secure global venues in the country.